The school of the DiamondRose is a school of energy. It is rooted in the energies and living intelligence of the DiamondRose, which was brought into being by the ancient temples of Lemuria.

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Help reawaken aetheric temples of light in the holographic earth grid


Initiate yourself into ancient Lemurian energies

Heal yourself, others, and the planet with the energies that move through you


Long ago, in the ancient temples of Lemuria, I served as a high priest

My name was Ishtaya

In this lifetime, I was guided to reawaken and share these energies

Thus was born the School of the DiamondRose


What is the School of the DiamondRose?


How did the school come about?


What is the School of the DiamondRose?

The school of the DiamondRose is a school of subtle energy. It is rooted in the energies and living intelligence of the DiamondRose, which was brought into being by the ancient temples of Lemuria.

As one learns to work with the energy of the DiamondRose, it can be used to:

  • Clear and transform land, reawakening and activating the Aetheric temple in that specific piece of land

  • Heal and transform the body

  • Awaken consciousness

  • Activate and polish spiritual gifts

  • Access codes

  • Much more

One of it’s primary missions, as mentioned above, is to re-activate and re-awaken an Aetheric expression of these ancient temples, stored in every molecule of creation as a living blueprint of hyper-potentiated light.

Any piece of earth on this planet which is exposed to the living intelligence of the energy of the DiamondRose becomes a space for the re-expression of these temples holographically in the here and now. These pieces of earth, if worked with deeply enough, will become the Aetheric temple.

Along the way, every trauma and wound stored in that piece of earth will be healed. Every song, ceremony, and intention of peace and love in it’s history will be reactivated and vibrate forward as the spiritual heritage and birthright of that land. The vibrational matrix of the planet, which blueprints all that unfolds here, will be transformed.

This is a level of creative transformation that cannot be stopped. Once it is blueprinted on this level, it is inevitable that it will come into being.

The human body is a piece of earth, as well. We are all cells in the body of mother Gaia. The process outlined above is equally true for the human body. Any human body worked with deeply enough with these energies will become the Aetheric temple. Every trauma and wound will be healed. Every spiritual gift will be activated and polished. The true song of peace and love in that organism will ring forth.

Work with the DiamondRose has 5 main facets, or petals, though in truth they are infinite:

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Working with the land

  • Energy work

  • Teachings that promote deeper somatic understanding of the universe, relationship, reality, consciousness, and vibration.

The School of the DiamondRose includes within it a curriculum of somatic and neurobiological re-patterning and un-learning that prepares the system to receive the transmissions, awakening, and transformation of the school even more deeply.

This somatic curriculum is entitled Fresh Ears, and is featured on as accessible and easy teachings.

The School of the DiamondRose also includes within it a deep element of Tanta. Tantra has been deeply commercialized in the West in a process that mirrors the objectification of the body. Tantra here is understood to be alchemy with all creation that expands from your heart into all of your earthly activities, realizing their potential to be a part of this deeper alchemical process.

The DiamondRose has no limit to the depth it can work with us; our willingness and availability is the only deciding factor.



The DiamondRose for Healing and World-Service

July 18th, 5:30PM PST, via Zoom. Register. 

August 1st, 5:30PM PST, via Zoom. Register. 

August 15th, 5:30PM PST, via Zoom. Register. 

Together, we will create deep shifts in the grids of the earth and ourselves, using the energies of the DiamondRose in these live ZOOM events.

Through meditation, breathwork, and visualization, we will connect with and utilize the energies of the DiamondRose in multiple ways, guided spontaneously by Dr. Ishtaya.

Those who have never connected to the DiamondRose will be initiated in its use, and returning students will receive deeper transmission to the degree that they are receptive.

All that is necessary is that you visualize the DiamondRose, breathe, and relax. From there, you can go as deep as you wish.

Both a group healing, and an event of world service.

These are donation-based events.

Upcoming Zoom events: If you are interested in being a part of upcoming Zoom events, please sign up here to get on the list.

How did the school come about?

In the ancient Lemurian temples, we knew that:

  • It was the will of the divine that our island would sink into the ocean, and
  • It was our privilege to embrace this will and our eternal nature, and
  • The wisdom and light of our temples would live on, and become an invaluable resource at a time in the future of humanities timeline that would be a mirror of the choice points we and the Atlanteans faced at that time.

Thus the wisdom and light of the physical temples was crystallized with divine intention into a deeper Aetheric expression which could be reawakened at this later point in the timeline.

This Aetheric expression of the temples cannot be destroyed; thus we ensured that the light and wisdom of our spiritual culture would live on forever.

The second time in this lifetime that I was guided to Mt Shasta, I was guided strongly to perform solo ceremony on the mountain on December 21st, 2012. I didn't know what I needed to do, or what this would look like, I just knew that I needed to do it, that it was important for me to perform private ceremony on this date in Mt Shasta. As the time approached, I began looking for a ride, trusting that spirit would provide.

Two close friends were planning to travel to Mt Shasta and spend time with family over Christmas. They invited me to come along, and it looked like spirit was conspiring for me to realize the ceremony I had been guided to do.

After driving all day, however, over 6 hrs from Santa Cruz, we were stopped just as we entered the Shasta area by a massive blizzard that had closed the nothbound side of the 5 freeway.

We pulled off the freeway, regrouping at an all night diner, and commiserating over late-night coffee.

We needed to somehow make the drive home happen, as we didn't have enough money for a hotel. After gathering our energy, we headed back onto the road in the dead of night.

As we pulled onto the southbound 5 onramp, a law enforcement official, one of the same who had turned us away just a few hours earlier, stopped us:

"Were you trying to get to Mt Shasta earlier?"

"Yes, officer. We got turned away". He proceeded to inform us that the northbound side of the freeway had just re-opened, and that we were free to continue on if we wished. Grateful for this turn of good luck, we exited the southbound onramp and re-entered the northbound ramp to Mt Shasta, this time without a hitch.

We felt we had been given a reprieve, and allowed to enter Shasta at this sacred moment for a reason; it seemed she only wanted certain being in her field for the 21st, and we were some of the lucky chosen few.

The road was not easy to navigate, for the blizzard was extreme, and we had to pull off several times to adjust chains, de-ice the windows, or otherwise adjust in the blistering weather. What would normally have been a one-hour drive took at least three hours that night.

However, we were soon in Shasta, more convinced than ever that our journey was guided and supported by spirit.

After a few days exploring, December 21st was upon us. As guided, I prepared to embark on my solo journey.

Once again, a blizzard came on, this time even worse than before.

I could barely see 10 feet in front of me as my tiny Civic trudged through the snow. I had never been in such a severe storm, even when I had lived in Vermont, and I prayed to spirit to guide me, and protect me as I proceeded.

She directed me where to go, where to turn, exactly where to park, which direction to walk, and which of my ceremonial implements to bring.

On foot now, I labored through several feet of fresh snow, each step breaking new ground in deep powder. It was slow progress, demanding patience, and it was freezing every step of the way.

Finally, I was given the message that I had arrived at the spot for ceremony. I dug a flat spot out in the snow, placed my incense censure down, along with several important sacred statues, and a small blanket on which to sit.

I began the ceremony, allowing spirit and the mountain to guide me. I stopped occasionally to blow vigorously on my hands, stamp my feet, and breath energy into my freezing body: anything to stay warm.

I was guided in which mantras to do, for how long, which prayers to make, and which incense to burn. I was guided in physical mudras and gestures, as well. An incredible energy flowed through me the entire time I was there.

After about an hour, I got the signal that the work I had come to do had been completed. I carefully packed up my things, found my car, and started the trek back to my friends' house.

When I returned, I warmed up with a cup of tea, sharing with my friends the adventure I had just had.

Later that day, I receieved an e-mail from the Chancellor's office at UC Santa Cruz, informing me that I had received a $25,000 grant to develop and teach Sound, Listening, and Consciousness, an immersive and experiential class, and the birth of the Fresh Ears work. It was one of the defining moments of my life.

The somatic work of Fresh Ears is a transformative process for consciousness: it transforms it organically from within, through sound meditations, one-on-one exercises, group games, and other fun and immersive activities neurobiologically and scientifically based.

Fresh Ears is, in essence, a school of unlearning: one which liberates us from the constructed perceptual theatre of human history, and its' momentum, into who and what we truly are, and into the inner intellegence that is our birthright.

It does this by radically reconnecting us with our own direct experience. Everything else follows from there.

The work of Fresh Ears is not seperate from that of the LHI, and the reawakening of the ancient lemurian energies.

Which brings us to the first time I was guided to Mt Shasta in this lifetime. I wouldn't understand how deeply it interwove with the experience I just shared until many years later.


I was strongly guided to Castle Crags, a natural rock formation located in Castle Crags State Park, to the south and to the west of the mountain.

Once again, I didn't know why I was guided there, only that it was important that I go and do private ceremony at Castle Crags before doing anything else in the area.

Problem was, at that time, Castle Crags State Park was closed to the general public.

My guidance was so strong, however, and I knew I needed to follow it.

I proceeded, stubbornly following my guidance to the T.

From the map I had bought, it looked as if I could reach Castle Crags via the crest of the ridge overlooking Castle Lake, another important sacred spot in the Mt Shasta area. Castle Lake was a region in Shasta designated as National Park land, and thus open and accessible to the general public.

I set out as early as I could, taking water, some food, and the few ceremonial items I was guided to bring. I figured I would easily be back before nightfall, and felt prepared. I wouldn't find out until later how wrong I was!

After a short hike around the backside of Castle lake and up the adjoining ridge, I had reached the crest overlooking Castle Crags, less than a quarter mile from the Castle Lake parking lot. As I looked back, savoring the view of Castle Lake for a moment before beginning proceeding onward, I allowed the refraction of light off the crystal clear waters to shine into my innermost being, resourcing my soul for the journey ahead.

As I looked forward again, the territory between me and Castle Crags revealed itself to be a steep downward descent, at least a thousand feet, straight down into a deep valley, and directly through a dense forest of Manzanita bushes.

Now when one hears "bushes", one does not usually think dangerous or difficult. But the manzanita, like bamboo, is a plant that defies the myth that size matters.

It is certainly not a tall plant, nor a towering redwoods which evokes the ancient power of nature to the observing mind.

But it is most definitely a strong plant; known for its' density and toughness, anyone who has worked with manzanita knows that it is not easy to break or cut.

Manzanitas' are sought after when building fires in the wild, for they will burn longer than virtually any other wood, and are much stronger than even the hardest of woods cut from tall, towering trees.

Manzanitas are brambly bushes that take up all of the available space around them, filling it with the impregnable toughness of it's trunk and branches. This meant that I had absolutely no direct passage to the crags, unless I barrel chested through this dense ocean of manzanitas, and this did not sound very appealing.

I scanned the landscape for a trail, or a break in the manzanita forest that I could hike to in order to get around it, but found neither. I looked at the Sun, realizing that if I hiked several miles in either direction parallel to the Crags in order to try and scout another route, and then needed to hike back after my ceremony, I might run out of daylight and get stuck on this side of the ridge.

I might not find another route, even if I looked, so it was risky both ways. I had brought water and food, but not a flashlight. I had not expected that not getting back by nightfall would even be a question.

But my guidance was so strong!

I knew this was important, and that I had to go on.

I took a deep breath, made sure all my things were close to my body, so they didn't get snagged by manzanita branches, and began my descent.

There was no rhyme or reason to the journey ahead. Any attempt to logically find a path any less treachourous would get one just as tangled as any other. At a certain point, I was forced to proceed like a football lineman, simply barrel chesting forward paying no heed to ripping, snagging, or tearing; trusting that I'd get to the other side in one piece.

By the time I reached the bottom of the valley, I had many "souveniers": rips in my clothing, as well as multiple locations on my skin that were either broken or bloodied.

The ascent up the slope of Castle Crags was relatively easy by comparison. A striking light color, almost silver in hue, the Crags stand out amidst the surrounding landscape. They look like a dripped sand castle, an anachronism: something so foreign compared to the rest of the landscape, that they almost don't belong there. They look, literally, like something from a different time.

Which they are.

Spirit guided me to a specific spot on the slopes of Castle Crags, where I thankfully sat and rested for a while. I helped myself to a small snack, some water, and proceeded to begin the ceremony I had come to perform.

In the distance I could see Mt Shasta, looking over me as I began to drop in to the deeps of consciousness, allowing spirit to take over my energy body.

I could feel the energy connect my vibrational field to a point on the opposite ridge, as well as to a point on Mt Shasta, making a great triangle in the larger field. For about 45 minutes, an enormous vibration and consciousness pulsed through me, beyond anything my conscious mind was "doing", and I allowed myself to be "taken".

I was told that this place had been one of the great temples in Lemuria, and that I had been the high priest there in one of my former lives. I was told that because my soul contained within it the codes from these temples, I was being used to reactivate these in the Earth grid at this time.

After awakening from what was, at the time, one of the most intense spiritual experiences of my life, I gently allowed what had happened to sink in. I allowed myself to absorb and integrate as much as I could what I would not fully understand for many years.

After a while, I noticed that the sun was starting to go down over the opposite ridge. I realized that I could not stay where I was for much longer.

Soon I was at the base of the valley, this time looking up at the ocean of manzanitas I had trekked through earlier that day. I knew I had limited time, and that if I got stuck on this side of the ridge without a flashlight, and without warmer clothes, I was in trouble.

Once again I threw caution and physical comfort to the wind, barrel chesting with even more determination and willpower than before, as I had to create the necessary force to propel my body uphill through the manzanitas this time around.

After a long and tiring journey, and many more "souvenier scars", I found myself once again at the top of the ridge, overlooking Castle Lake on the one side, and Castle Crags on the other. It was exactly sunset as I arrived, and I felt an immense relief in my being.

I had just completed a journey of epic proportions; at the same time, my soul had undergone a transfiguration, and I would never be the same.

It would be many years before I realized how deeply true this was.

As mentioned before, the energies of the Lemurian temple which were re-awakened at Castle Crags during this journey are not seperate from those of Fresh Ears which were awakened in the first journey I spoke about. The two create a divine whole. 
As you read these stories, you will know whether you have a connection to these teachings, because you will feel it in your soul.

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