hearing How to understand vibration, or: higher vibrational patterns

Vibration is about pattern.

No vibration exists in isolation, so it is always a pattern. Always a relationship.

All of your experience with vibration has been looking out from within a pattern.

Your body is a pattern of vibration, changing all of the time.

So you have infinite experience from which to understand the vibrational universe if you understand this looking out from within.

Or listening out from within, to use the listening metaphor.

To take it a little deeper, play around with this cymatics animation, which illustrates the process of transforming from pattern A to pattern B that is occuring in the universe all of the time.

Pattern AIn-Between PlacePattern B

To the far left, we are at pattern A.

To the far right, we are at pattern B.

Something very interesting happens in the middle, in the transition between A and B.

What is it like to look out from within this?

Do we experience it as terrifying, as unbearable?

Do we experience it as exhilierating, exciting?

This transition, this in-between place, is of the nature of chaos, of mystery, of the unknown.

The opportunity is to allow higher and higher patterns of vibration to express themselves through you.

How you experience this mystery, this chaos, will have a great deal to do with how far you allow this opportunity to occur, even whether you allow it at all.

Yes, vibration is frequency, but at a deeper level, it is pattern.

Once again: there are no frequencies that exist in isolation.

People talk alot about "raising our vibration".

This is a useful understanding, but not as useful as the understanding of "raising our pattern".

Because when we talk about the transformation of consciousness, what we are talking about vibrationally is moving into higher and higher patterns of vibrational expression, or organization.

Because the pattern at the level of consciousness is what will create our world, including the personal and political choices which shape it.

Because the opportunity here is to allow life to play on us the music, the pattern, which can transform and heal our world.

What music is life playing on your instrument right now?




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