Dr. Ishtaya is a master energy healer, employing with skill multiple modalities that he has studied over the years. blur hands2

Dr. Ishtaya is a master energy healer, with over 25 years of experience, employing with skill multiple modalities he has studied, including: the DiamondRose, Reiki, VortexHealing, Pranic Healing, Shamanic Healing, and much more.
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In addition, he draws upon his many years of experience/knowledge personally and professionally in all areas related to healing, spirituality, vibrational science, the human psyche, etc. that go way beyond the limits of these traditions, breaking new ground.

This includes his own experience with a train accident and miraculous recovery around the turn of the century.

Most of his sessions are conducted via phone, making him as available as possible to clients’ around the world.

In person sessions include the original Lightning Attunement Table, which is available for Lightning Resonance Attunement's, as well as other vibrational healing treatments tailored to clients' individual needs. This table delivers low vibrations beneath the range of human hearing deep into the cells of the body for healing.

Tuning forks, crystal bowls, bells, and other healing tools are also employed, as guided.

Original software written by Dr. Ishtaya runs an electroconduction device, also available for use.

All sessions feature energy work, as well as Dr. Ishtaya's unique wisdom and guidance, which he shares freely as part of the sessions.

Phone clients' receive powerful healing from a distance.

There is no time and space, and distance energy healing proves this to us.

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What is a one-on-one healing session?

One-on-one healing sessions generally run about 1 – 1 ½ hrs in length, and include:

  • Energy work
  • Space holding for whatever you’re going through. I am a mirror for your process
  • Dr. Ishtaya’s knowledge with regards to vibrational technologies, as well as the world of consciousness and healing
  • Sessions often include recommendations for herbs/supplements, as well as supportive meditative/energy practices
  • Whatever else is spontaneously guided in session

Most sessions are conducted remotely over the phone. Dr. Ishtaya’s gifts work equally as well from anywhere in the world as they do in person.

Dr. Ishtaya works with each client individually to create pricing that fits the unique situation, and is a win win for everyone involved.

Dr. Ishtaya is also available for one on one work that focuses on sound exploration, music-making, or any other topic mentioned on this site

To learn more, schedule a free phone consultation. Simply click the “schedule a one-on-one session” button below, and follow the free consultation link at the bottom right of that page.


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