Dr. Ishtaya's profound gift for animal communication first began when Corderuy, his beloved golden retreiver, developed a large, malignant tumor on her throat in the early 2000's...
Dr. Ishtaya's profound gift as an animal intuitive and communicator first began when Corderuy, his beloved golden retreiver, developed a large, malignant tumor on her throat in the early 2000's.CorderuyFeathered6

Corderuy and Dr. Ishtaya had shared the journey of unconditional love for over 12 years at this time; Corderuy had laid at his bedside the entire time of his health journey, selflessly lending the strength of her heart to his.

When Corderuy was diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Ishtaya learned about and then built a Zapper, a vibrational healing technology developed by Hulda Clarke in the 70's. At the time, Zapper's could not be purchased in the US, so he had to build one himself; it was Dr. Ishtaya's first official foray into vibrational technology.

The Zapper, along with targeted nutrition and deep energy work, cured Corderuy's cancer.

In the process of performing this energy healing on Corderuy, the two went deep into the ocean of consciousness together; territory like the fear of death, and the concourse of the soul became the terrain of their exploration.

Dr. Ishtaya passed through a certain veil, experienceing a deep change within.

From that time forward, he has been able to whisper with animals. It was the gift of unconditional love that made this possible.

Client's report profound changes in the well-being of their animals, as well as themselves. The deep communication Dr. Ishtaya facilitates brings about harmony in all areas of their lives, from behavior, to spiritual connection. Soul contracts often come up, and are either renewed or forged.

Animal communication sessions are conducted successfully both in person and remotely.

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Ishtaya is truly out of this world! Do not hesitate to work with this gifted healer.

Literally and figuratively, I have been shown new dimensions and levels of connection that I never knew existed or could be possible. So, Ishtaya is actually a miracle in human flesh!

I was introduced to Ishtaya after my beloved canine passed and I felt completely at a loss, ungrounded and disconnected. The healing and understanding that our sessions brought mended my soul in a way that helped bring so much closure. Ishtaya also helped me feel even closer to my fur-companion in the after-life, as unbelievable as that may sound.

How do I know that Ishtaya is authentic and a truly gifted healer and medium? It’s something you can’t explain and can only feel. He got details and unique situations right for sure, but my physical and emotional reactions to his readings are something I know I can trust. So far, Ishtaya has yet to be wrong about anything having to do with my animals – whether it’s a medical problem or emotional concern. I worked with another “medium” before and they were not as accurate or as gifted in connecting the dots for me.

Working with Ishtaya has brought a level of communication and connection to my life that I never knew could exist. It’s brought such happiness and contentment to my world, and as a result, I feel a deeper connection to the world overall. Now that is truly a blessing that is out of this world!

- Margaret Tan

What is an animal intuitive session?

Animal intuitive sessions generally last about 1 -1 1/2 hours, and include:

  • Communication with your animal and their higher self
  • Energy work
  • Space holding for whatver you and your animal need healing for. I am a mirror for your process.
  • Sessions often include recommendations for herbs/supplements, behavioral suggestions, and other suggestions for how to work with your animal at a higher level
  • Whatever else is intuitively guided by Spirit

Some of Dr. Ishtaya’s most profound animal intuitive sessions have been with animals who have passed over. These generally include channeling the spirit of the animal, and usually require tissue paper, because of the level of unconditional love that is in the air.

Most sessions are conducted remotely over the phone. Dr. Ishtaya’s gift works equally as well remotely as it does in person, making it as widely available to as many individuals and their animal companions all around the world.

Dr. Ishtaya works with each client individually to create pricing that fits the unique situation, and is a win-win for everyone involved.

To learn more, schedule a free phone consultation. Simply click the “schedule a one-on-one session” button below, and follow the free consultation link at the bottom right of that page.

Other animals Dr. Ishtaya has worked with:

Elsie Pumpkin & Dexter Eowyn Andromeda Douglas

Personal note from Dr Ishtaya -

I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank every one who has let me work with their animals over the years. It is such sacred work to me. Thank you!

I have such a special love for working with our animal companions. I am thrilled every time I have the privilege of meeting a new animal and their human. Each time, I am gifted a glimpse into the incredible way that spirit does extraordinary spiritual work through what is seemingly ordinary to most.

I assure you that, behind the scenes, it is anything but.

And if you are an animal person, my guess is that you probably already know this in your heart.

I am in constant awe at what a priviledge it is to work with each and every one of you. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. Let’s continue to unveil this mystery together, and learn from what, for many of us, is one of the greatest teachers we’ve been given: our connection with our animal companions.




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