Dr. Ishtaya is a composer, healer, artist, inventor, and educator passionate about fostering new forums for community dialogue that explore: consciousness, listening, sound, freedom, culture, music, etc... and which transcend the limitations of the dominant culture’s habits of dialogue, thought, and listening... ME Blur
"We are all cells in mothers' body. To remember that is our birthright." ~ Dr. Ishtaya

Dr. Ishtaya is an expert in the realms of vibration and consciousnes: from creating original vibrational healing technology, to inner technologies for the transformation of consciousness, to everything in between, his work touches the heart of the transformative process of human consciousness.

He is a gifted teacher, sharing his unique style in many forms. These include public Fresh Ears workshops, vibrational satsang, guided meditations and ceremony, as well as teachings and trainings in extensive territory in addition to these.

He possesses unique and powerful gifts for animal communication and energy healing, both of which are offered in-person as well as remotely. He has designed and built several healing technologies, creating both the hardware and software involved in each case.

These include Lightning Resonance Attunements', the Lightning Resonance Attunement Table, novel applications of electroconduction technology, as well as low vibrational pulsing technology, and other vibrational therapies.

He is a consummate musician; as a composer he has had compositions performed all around the world, in concert halls' as well as in other, more non-traditional venues. He has created live interactive digital art installations, performed and written original jazz music, rock music, as well as music in virtually every other idiom imaginable. He has taught music in a variety of settings, and is available for one-on-one work both in-person and remotely. In 2017, he received his doctoral degree in Music Composition from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

He currently enjoys performing original songs of his, and leading groups in heart-sings and kirtans, all written through him, often spontaneously in the moment. This creates an interactive experience of heartfelt community energy that builds organically into a deeper expression of the unity of all life.
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